International Women’s Wing

Vishwa Gujarati Samaj

International Women’s wing, a tributary of Vishwa Gujarati Samaj, an umbrella organisation of Gujaratis world over, embarks on many innovative projects, which not only benefit women at large but also radically influence women living under the poverty lines and empower these women through various innovative programs.

Our Values and Ethos:

Keeping in center women, especially the women working in unorganized sectors, our dream is to support them by offering various Skill Development Programs in rural and urban areas through which their craftsmanship might improve and their economic activities can be strengthened. With perseverance and innovative marketing opportunities through cluster development programs, we are able to provide them unique platform for the individual betterment.

Improvement in physical and mental health of unprivileged children and women has always remained a neglected area. When we talk about “human capital,” it generally means ‘education’, but one’s health can also be viewed as a form of capital specially that of children. Pre-school intervention for poor children improves long-term outcomes for disadvantaged children, although it does not bring these children up to the level of their more advantaged peers but it is a start. There is a strong need to design public programs to improve the outcomes from children of disadvantaged backgrounds. This field of operation is vital to our organization.

We, at International Women’s Wing, by taking help of experts in the related fields and through the kind sponsorship of individual and institutional donors, have initiated several programs to empower women to its fullest including organizing seminars, workshops and debates at suitable time and place to raise a general awareness on women’s issues.


  • To provide platform to socially and economically backward women through training programs for their self- reliance.
  • To conduct academic activities, seminars and workshops for the over all development of women through science and technology.
  • To mobilise necessary services and resources with a view to strengthen economic empowerment of women.
  • To collaborate with agencies and institutions working with similar objectives at national and global levels.
  • To conduct reform programs for socially deprived women and children and Jail inmates for their social upliftment.
  • To establish net working with women’s Organizations world over, with a view to gather information about their activities and collective programs.


  • To provide training and skill development programs for artisans for self reliance.
  • To encourage activities for deprived community to become socially responsible citizens.
  • To create awareness of contemporary issues and rights of women of and deprived class.
  • To provide global platform to women for I.C.T.


  • Empowerment of women and craft persons for their personal development and economic self-reliance.
  • Collaboration of programs for upliftment of weaker section at local and global levels